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Lens: high quality lens

Interface: USB2.0 high-speed,plug&play

Surrounding with blue light

High-quality built-in USB microphone (build-in MIC)

With mini USB cable connection

Suitable for both notebook and desktop

With image effect

Focus range: 5.0cm-infinity

Frame Rate:with VGA(640*480)format,frame rate up to 30fps

Automatic exposure control;Auto/Manual white balance

Color: RGB24(true color:24bit)

Image Sensor:1/6 CMOS VGA sensor

Manual optical zoom

System Compatibility: Windows Me/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7


Technical Features (Anytime Anywhere):



Plug & Play, No need IP address settings, Directly pass through gateway

Adopted dual-stream MPEG4 & MJPEG video compression technology.

Not only for remote browsing on the internet, but also suitable for local high definition camera monitoring. Noticias raras y curiosas


1. Installation is simple and convenient, automated passing through NAT, the true realization of zero-configuration, no need specialized network knowledge, Plug and Play.

2.more powerful and more immediate alarm can automatically snap pictures and send MMS to the user's mobile phone

3. To support mobile phone in real-time monitoring of the camera

4. Optimized high compression ratio algorithms, support for dual-stream MPEG-4/MJPEG

5. Support for image capture, timing video, motion detection, video loss alarm

6. With two-way voice and alarm input and output functions

7. LAN equipment automatically scans and found the network parameters,that is,configure the network, real-time look.

8. By authorizing, passwords, etc. for security access control, unauthorized users can not use.

9. Automatically recognize the network disturbance, when the network traffic slow down, the device can automatically reduce the transmission frame rate, when the network returned to normal, devices can also automatically increase frame rate.

BCN PC - Cámara Web/IP

BCN PC - Cámara Web/IP

High-quality built-in USB microphone (build-in MIC) Surrounding with blue light Surrounding with blue light Interface: USB2.0 high-speed,plug&play Interface: U





BCN PC - Cámara Web/IP
BCN PC - Cámara Web/IP


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